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Naperville Internist is prepared to assist with a wide range of potential needs, combining traditional medical techniques and medical spa treatments to give you comprehensive care.

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Welcome to Naperville Internist—a clinic serving Naperville, IL, and offering primary care, pain management, weight loss assistance, and other services. Led by Rachit Marwaha, MD, the team at Naperville Internist offers comprehensive services and quality care.

  • Same-Day Appointments: There are times when you need to be able to see your primary care physician quickly in order to address concerns. Naperville Internist offers same-day appointments for your convenience.
  • Walk-Ins: You don’t need to have an appointment to be seen by a professional; simply walk into the clinic and someone can see you. Allow a professional to help you address a range of concerns, from allergies to colds.
  • Tele-Visits: Not everyone is able to leave their home for a doctor’s visit. The professionals at Naperville Internist understand this and, as such, can also provide clients with tele-visits. Speak to a professional without ever leaving the comfort of your home.
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Get Help Managing Your Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with. It can make it harder to function in your day-to-day life; you might struggle to get work done, spend time with loved ones, or even just get out of bed. Dealing with chronic pain can leave you hurting and frustrated—so consider getting pain management service from a professional.

Naperville Internist has a variety of options available to help you manage your chronic pain. They can provide you with PRP shots, steroid injections, and more; they will work with you to determine what would be best for your situation and provide you with the comprehensive pain management service you need.

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Work with a Qualified Primary Care Physician

Having a good primary care physician is incredibly important to your overall health. Your primary physician is the one who keeps track of your vaccinations, provides preventative health screenings, and otherwise makes sure that you stay in good health. If you’re searching for one near Naperville, IL, then consider contacting Naperville Internist.

Dr. Mawaha and his team are experienced professionals that are committed to providing you with an excellent experience. They care deeply about their patients and will listen carefully to their needs. They can help not only with general primary care concerns but also with the management of chronic conditions, such as cardiac problems or addiction management. Work with them and learn more today.

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Maintaining a healthy weight is important. Being overweight or obese can lead to problems such as joint pain, high blood pressure, and more. Losing weight, however, isn’t always an easy task. That’s where medically-supervised weight loss programs can help.

Naperville Internist can provide you with a range of options to help you effectively manage your weight loss. Dr. Mawaha and his team can help you create a meal plan, provide advice on an exercise routine, and provide you with medication, depending on the need.

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Get Testing and Treatment for Your Allergies

Nobody likes dealing with allergies. Sneezing, coughing, watery eyes—all of it can be incredibly frustrating. Untreated allergies can make it more difficult to go about your day—so consider working with a specialist to diagnose and treat an issue.

Naperville Internist can provide you with allergy testing and treatment services to help you feel better. They will utilize a skin prick test to check if you’re allergic to up to 72 different allergens. Should you be allergic to anything, they’ll provide you with allergy treatment options to help you start feeling better.

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Make Sure You’re Fit to Drive

If you operate a large motor vehicle, then you’ll need to make sure you get a DOT physical every one to two years. This physical is designed to make sure that you’re fit to drive–which, in turn, will help keep both yourself and others safe on the road.

Naperville Internist can provide you with a DOT physical exam to ensure that you can operate a large vehicle safely. They will carefully take a look at your vision, blood pressure, and other aspects of your health. With them, you’ll receive expert care and a thorough exam.

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Our Med Spa Treatments

Get Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Treatment

Hair loss can often be embarrassing for many individuals. Obtaining non-surgical hair replacement treatment can help you feel more confident in yourself and your appearance.

Naperville Internist uses PRP therapy to help encourage hair growth naturally. This treatment can help you regrow hair in bald spots, address issues related to thinning hair, and more. With help, you can have a full head of hair again.

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Reduce Wrinkles with Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

As you age, your skin will lose some of its elasticity. This, in turn, will result in wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, and other areas of your face. If you would like to remove wrinkles and get a more youthful-looking face, then consider getting facial rejuvenation treatment from Naperville Internist.

Dr. Mawaha and his team can use Botox to help reduce wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance. This treatment can help you feel happier and more confident in your appearance; consider calling today to learn more.

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Sometimes, getting the nutrients and liquids you need to stay healthy isn’t easy. IV nutrition can be a great way to address this issue. IV nutrition involves delivering important vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream. This, in turn, can be used to treat things such as chronic fatigue, migraines, and fibromyalgia.

The professionals at Naperville Internist have extensive experience with this type of treatment. They can provide you with a treatment that has been tailored to your unique needs, helping you to feel better.

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Work with Compassionate and Knowledgeable Doctors

Naperville Internist employs staff that will listen carefully to your needs and provide you with professional service.

Why Naperville Internist?

Choose a Doctor That Cares

Naperville Internist is a family medical practice that puts an emphasis on the continuity of care. Dr. Marwaha and his team understand that quality medical care doesn’t stop at the end of your appointment; it goes well beyond that, and you may need regular follow-ups to make sure that you stay happy and healthy. Your doctor will stay in contact to help you with a range of needs, whether that’s simply to check up on how you’re doing or to help you with a weight loss management plan.

  • Compassionate Service
  • Decades of Experience
  • Holistic Approach to Medicine
  • Family-Run Medical Practice
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Naperville Internist combines traditional medicine with medical spa treatments to create unique treatment plans that can address a wide range of potential concerns. As your primary care provider, they are prepared to help with all sorts of needs. Dr. Marwaha and his team are professionals that are happy to assist with pain management, chronic medical conditions, IV nutrition, allergies, hair loss replacement, facial rejuvenation, and weight loss. If you’re near Naperville, IL, then consider reaching out today to request an appointment.

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