At Naperville Internist, Rachit Marwaha, MD, and the medical team offer comprehensive, compassionate women’s health services. They provide routine women’s wellness exams, birth control counseling, and preventive Pap smears to screen for cervical cancer. Schedule an exam today by calling Naperville Internist or by requesting an appointment online today.

What women’s health services are available?

Women’s health services focus on needs specific to women. Dr. Marwaha and the medical team at Naperville internist provide a variety of health care services, including wellness visits to evaluate the health and function of your reproductive system, even if you’re not experiencing symptoms.

Our doctors also offer preventive screenings to reduce the risk for chronic diseases like cervical cancer and can recommend the right options for birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

What can I expect during a women’s health exam?

During a women’s health exam, our doctors spend time reviewing personal and family medical history. They also evaluate patient’s current health during a physical exam and discuss menstrual cycle, family plans, and any new symptoms or concerns.

Our doctors may perform a pelvic exam, which involves a manual examination of the vagina and uterus. This is done to get a better look at your reproductive health.

As part of a pelvic exam, our physicians perform a Pap smear by collecting a sample of the cells at the entrance to the cervix. We send the sample to a medical lab to determine if there are any precancerous cells, which can increase the risk for cervical cancer.

Dr. Marwaha and his medical team can also recommend birth control to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Which form of birth control is right for me?

Thanks to a variety of types of birth control, patients have options to meet their individual needs and plan for the family they want.

Dr. Marwaha and the team at Naperville Internist can help patients choose their best birth control option by reviewing their medical history, current health, and plans for family. They may recommend birth control pills, patches, or injections based on the patient’s needs and lifestyle.

During a routine women’s wellness exam, our doctors monitor success with the chosen birth control method. They can also make changes to birth control or help safely stop using it, if a patient wishes to become pregnant.

To schedule a women’s health exam, call Naperville Internist or request an appointment today through the online booking system.