At Naperville Internist, we specialize in assisting men who struggle with their sexual performance. Two forms of erectile dysfunction can affect men’s sex lives – the main cause is either medical or psychosocial. These can include issues from with intimacy in a relationship to hormones and blood supply. We offer injections to help with erectile dysfunction.

Often times, it is a physical issue causing difficulty and erectile dysfunction. Some of these include heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders, various diseases, smoking, substance abuse, injuries in the pelvic region or spinal cord, radiation therapy to the pelvic region and several other smaller physical issues.

Some of the more serious issues can be vascular issues inhibiting blood flow, and neurological causes that affect nerve signals, often due to underlying disease processes of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

To treat erectile dysfunction, our doctors will discuss the proper treatment plan, whether it be natural or medicinal to help you recover and get back to your normal life.

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